Saturday, May 20, 2023

Togo Ladies Night Entertainment

I’m excited to share our entertainment for the evening is our own Kate Erhardt!! 
2022 GX94 finalist 
Invite your friends and support our local talent 



Confirmed Vendors for Togo Ladies Night 2023

 Loretta’s Health and Wellness

Watkin's with Patricia Harper
Mary Kay with Brenda Eisner Pink Friends MK
Togo's Crafty Corner with Diane Waterhouse
Kaili Strand with Pampered Chef
Scentsy with Pam Schmuck
BR Honey with Rashele Wasylenchuk
Young Living with Char Rowan Hermary
Susan Leis with The Fix Bites
Meagan Strauss Acg with The Alchemist Circle
Canadian Flora Essential Oils with Jena McKee
Unique Homemade Crafts with Nancy Weinhandl
Jessie Banks with Jess Stitches
Pam Walsh with Plunder
Amber with Homemade Soaps
Sandra Threinen with 5th Ave Jewellery
Marie Mak Smith with BitterSweet Empire
Chantell Schindle with Creative Creations

Togo Ladies Night 2023