Community Organizations

As in all small communities there is an amazing level of volunteerism in Togo.  With only so many people to get a job done, you often see faces overlapping from one event to the next!
But do not be discouraged, the benefits are out of this world.  To be involved with such a loving, caring, and understanding group is a high on it’s own!  Not to mention the personal payments you receive when helping others.

There are many groups in Togo that anyone can become involved in!  Please contact the Chair/President of the clubs listed below that you are interested in:

Togo Centennial Committee: Amanda Burback 306-597-2115

Mission Statement

To participate in and support social and recreational events in the Togo area;   
i.      To initiate events
ii.      To support other local groups       
iii.      To do fundraising to help maintain facilities for social and recreational venue
for the betterment of the community.

Each year the Togo Centennial Committee holds the following fundraisers:

Togo Snowmobile Derby & Irondog Vintage Derby, February
Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, April
Togo Ladies Night, June
Fall Dance, October
Operate the Rink Kitchen, December to March

Each year the Togo Centennial Committee holds the following events, that DO NOT raise money, and are solely for the purpose of fellowship and fun:

Family Fun Nights, one night a month May to September
Family Free Skates, one day a month December to February
Haunted House and Fun House, October
Community Christmas Party, December
Volunteer Recognition in of the Togo Centennial Committee

This recognition was submitted by the Village of Togo to honour the Togo Centennial Committee.
The Togo Centennial Committee was developed in 2005 for Togo’s 100th Birthday Bash where 765 people attended! Quite a feat in itself!

The money raised from the Birthday Bash was to be returned to the community and the committee would continue to plan social events in the community and use that money to continue with more improvements to the community.  $800 was donated to the Kamsack Hospital to purchase 3 digital thermometers, $2300 purchased a portable sound system for the rink, $4000 purchased a grill, fryer, hood and suppression system for the Silver Threads Community Centre, and the most commendable and amazing thing accomplished was to replace the existing entrance to the curling/skating rink with new bathrooms, furnace, etc.  The renovation was done mostly by volunteers with the final bill of $70,000 being paid back to the Village of Togo (on an interest free loan) after only 3 years!

The Committee is amazing! They aren’t stopping here though, they are presently planning events/activities to raise money to purchase new playground equipment in Togo to the tune of $17,000 and I trust they will!

Thank you Togo Centennial Committee for your commitment to the community!

We completed the playground, adding some more equipment in planning, bringing the total to $22,000.  We moved on to partner with the Village of Togo, the CIF, and the CIIF to complete a $50,000 project on the Togo Community Hall.  We installed a drainage system with two sump pumps in the basement, and installed a dishwasher in the kitchen.  Upstairs in the main hall, we rewired the stage and plug-ins, installed a drop ceiling to conserve heat, installed new lighting in the new ceiling, and painted the walls.

From there we moved on to purchase $9000 in park benches, picnic tables and garbage/recycle receptacles.  In early 2015, we allocated $1000 to the Togo District Curling Club to assist in the completion of the renovations (insulation & tin sheeting) of the curling rink.In 2013, the Anglican Church, an iconic building on Togo’s main street, held its last church service and was sold to the Village of Togo, with the intention to make it Togo’s first Heritage Building.  Upon inspection, it was discovered that the roof is deteriorating to the point of visible water damage on the ceiling and one wall inside the Church.  Our intentions this summer is to once again partner with the Village of Togo to repair the roof, so the building can be maintained for years to come.  We have promised $5500 to this project.

Silver Threads Community Centre 306-597-2154

Friday Night Specials and Monthly Super Suppers.  Check the bulletin board for more information.
Togo & District Cemetery Committee 

Togo Figure Skating Club: Loretta Erhardt 306-597-2018,

The Figure Skating Club has approx 20 skaters for youth and adult figure skating lessons.  For the last 20 years the skaters in Togo attend lessons twice a week, and wrap up the year with a carnival to show off their talents.

Village of Togo Council: Mayor Loretta Erhardt 306-597-2018

Annual Events

Togo Reunion Bonspiel – January 25 – 30, 2015
Togo Snowmobile Derby & IronDog Vintage Derby- Sunday, February 15, 2015
Figure Skating Carnival – March 15, 2015
Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament – April 24, 2015
Togo Ladies Night – June 6, 2015
Walk in the Park – June is Parks and Recreation Month
Togo Fall Dance – October
Halloween Haunted House & Fun House – October
Remembrance Day Service – November
Community Christmas Party – December
Family Fun Nights, one night a month May to September
Family Free Skates, one day a month December to February

Weekly Fall/Winter/Spring Events
Shinny – Fridays, 5 to 9pm
General Skating – Thursday, 5 to 8pm
Figure Skating Lessons – Wednesdays & Saturdays
After School Program – Tuesdays, Every 2nd Fridays
Fitness Class – TBA